Kids Patient Gown for Surgery and Hospital Visits

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Made in Australia. Make a trip to hospital or the operating room a little less daunting and a little more fun! These children's patient gowns come in adorable, fun fabrics and are fully designed to be complaint to hospital and operating room standards. Completely made of cotton fabric and void of snaps and buttons, these gowns are able to withstand the hot machine wash.

Stand out features include:

* Tied with only two back ties, reducing potential pressure areas.

* The bottom tie connects to a privacy panel, ensuring full coverage.

* The ties are centred to the back, not the side like most gowns. This ensures that a single medical practitioner can access both ties from either side of the bed, easily and quickly in case of emergency.

* Styled with raglan sleeves for ease of movement and easy manipulation over sore arms and shoulders.

* Choose from a variety of fun colours. Binding and ties are random, contrasting colours unless specified.

* Made in Australia.

Please contact us if you are looking for a specific pattern.