Add-your-name Nurse Enamel Mug

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This is my mug. There are many like it, but this one is mine. You can tell because it has my name on it. In Sharpie. So get your hands off it!

These unique and perfectly flawed enamel mugs have been handcrafted in a 100 year old factory in the Ukraine. They have then had ceramic designs applied buy hand and fire-kilned. These designs will never come off. You can literally drop them in a campfire. But don't do that. They are too nice. 

* Comes with black oil marker and instructions on how to make you name permanent or keep it temporary.

* 8cm diameter

* Chose from Potty White or Vintage Cream

* 350ml capacity

* Design printed on both sides

* Presented in a re-useable cotton bag.

* Free shipping within Australia