CAFFEINE PO Q4H PRN White Enamel Nurses Mug

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Look at this mug! Much like coffee, you need this right now! Vintage enamel, it's unbreakable. Unlike your spirit after that last Night Duty you did when there was that one patient that just would. not. stop. buzzing. You know the one I mean. This mug would have looked amazing in the nurses station waiting for you.

These unique enamel mugs have been handcrafted in a 100 year old factory in the Ukraine. They have then had ceramic designs applied buy hand and fire-kilned. These designs will never come off. You can literally drop them in a campfire. But don't do that. They are too nice. 

* 8cm diameter

* Choose from Potty White or Vintage Cream

* 350ml capacity

* Design printed on both sides

* Presented in an eco-friendly cotton bag

* Free shipping within Australia